utPLSQL-cli v3.1.0 released

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  • Java8
  • Oracle JDBC driver file (ojdbc8.jar) is required
  • Oracle i18n driver file (orai18n.jar) is required for national character-set support

Both driver files need to be downloaded and placed in utPLSQL-cli/lib folder


This version of java-api is compatible with all versions of utPLSQL from 3.0.0 to 3.1.0. We encourage you to always use the latest version of cli to communicate with a v3 core.

Changes in this release


  • Support for custom reporters. Just call utplsql run user/pass@connstr -f=my_custom_reporter and cli will try to use a database-reporter with the given name
  • Assets necessary for CoverageHTMLReporter are written to $outputFileName-assets folder (utPLSQL/utPLSQL-java-api#39)
  • Realtime-Feedback: Output to screen is immediate, output to files is in bulks (#68)
  • NLS-Support from environment (#56)


  • The correct usage is now stated in help message (#63)
  • Several small improvements

For more info on improvements and fixes, check out the blog post from Samuel Nitsche