• Changes in release 3.1.7

    New features


    • Added optional install with DDL trigger to speed up framework start #901
    • Removed dependency on dbms_utility.name_resolve #569 #885
    • New output buffer table structures improving performance and addressing timeout issues #915

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed ut_realtime_reporter missing warnings in test and suite output structures #936
    • Fixed output_buffer purging error #934
    • Fixed join_by / exclude / include invalid syntax on collection in anydata compare #912
    • Fixed ut_junit_reporter producing invalid output on failing tests with long failure message #927
    • Fixed ut_sonar_test_reporter producing invalid output on failing tests with long failure message #925
    • Fixed ut_coverage_cobertura_reporter producing wrong line breaks which breaks the xml validation against DTD #917
    • Fixed exclude option for ref cursor where column order was not resolved correctly #911
    • Fixed unordered option for ref cursor with null values #914
    • Fixed number precision when selecting from dual #907
    • Fixed ref cursor errors with generated column names #902
    • Fixed ORA-00907 when comparing ref cursors with BINARY_ columns #899
    • Fixed wrong results when comparing CLOBs with to_be_like in Oracle Database due to Oracle Bug 14402514 #891
    • Fixed performance issue with code coverage report on huge PL/SQL code base #882

    Documentation improvements

    • Added install instructions for DDL trigger #874

    Internal enhancements

    • Fixed SQL vulnerability on all input parameters used in dynamic SQL and PL/SQL #921
    • Fixed message id in output buffer #916
    • Included 19c database in self testing #909
    • Introduced testing with multiple schemas and different grants #893
    • Fixed installation script warnings #879