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Oracle 19c DB added to our CI/CD process

We take all the possible effort to assure utPLSQL can be tested against t all supported Oracle database versions.

Today, our automation got enriched with Oracle 19c database testing.

Pavel Kaplya has prepared a new small Docker Image for Oracle 19c.


You can take advantage of our efforts and build your own small Docker images (non-PDB) using our docker-scripts.

Continuous testing of utPLSQL

utPLSQL is now getting tested against five database versions: - Oracle 11g XE - Oracle 12c R1 - Oracle 12c R2 - Oracle 18c - Oracle 19c

You can see our build process & test results on

All of our deliverable projects use set of tools that are free to sue for Open-Source: - static code analysis using sonarcloud - publishing code coverage using coveralls - deploying java-api artifacts to packagecloud - deploying utPLSQL-cli artifacts to bintray - maven plugin publishing into maven repository

All of our builds must pass quality gates (code quality/tests/code coverage) before we approve and merge pull requests.