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utPLSQL 3.1.14 released

What's Changed

  • Added support for and and or operators when running tests by tags by @lwasylow in #1250
  • Allow for test runs over 4 hours by @jgebal in #1243
  • Framework performance improvements by @jgebal in #1249
  • Support multiple expectation failures with teamcity reporter by @jgebal in #1251
  • Address issue where the not_to(contain) not run correctly by @lwasylow in #1246
  • Fix regex to be NLS_SORT independent by @jgebal in #1253
  • Fix output length error and output buffer. by @jgebal in #1255
  • (docs): Update - remove example by @gassenmj in #1261
  • The line-rate is not recorded for packages and classes in cobertura coverage reporter by @lwasylow in #1269
  • (docs): Fix nested list issue by @iamrachid in #1274
  • Update TFS reporter to correct format by @lwasylow in #1270

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v3.1.13...v3.1.14

Download utPLSQL release v3.1.14 here