New website (#JoelKallmanDay)

Today is #JoelKallmanDay.

As memorial of Joel Kallman, on this day utPLSQL launched its new website using different engine.

We have moved away from using Jekyll with GitHub Pages to host project and organization sites. Jekyll was simply too much hussle and we used MkDocs to generate offline documentation for utPLSQL that was packaged into the release zip file.

So instead of using two different methods, wei will now use only one. MkDocs is now used for both utPSLQL offline and for online organization and project pages.

Thanks to wonderful material theme and mike(versioning plugin) for MkDocs you may now enjoy the following new features:

  • dark & light theme
  • better navigation and menu in utPLSQL documentation
  • documentation version dropdown
  • powerful and fast search within documentation

Hopefully, you will like the changes and enhancements. All the permanent links to old site should still be working.

Last update: October 11, 2022 23:04:25
Created: October 11, 2022 22:38:05