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version 3.0.2 released

utPLSQL v3.0.2 - released

Changes in this release


  • Documentation now refers to migration project
  • Documentation now refers to a valid object name: ut_file_mapping
  • Install and Uninstall scripts are now much more readable
  • Install guide now provides snippet on how to download latest release on Windows


  • Added override user/password/tablespace for install_headless
  • Installation is now smooth even if profiler tables already exist

Internal improvements

  • Improved reporting from RunTest
  • Fixed publishing of release documentation history

Improvements and fixes

  • Fixed rare issue with ORA-22813: operand value exceeds system limits
  • Stack trace is now properly parsed on all machines
  • The --%disabled annotation on suite level is now reporting all tests as disabled
  • Coverage reporting is now properly filtering test packages on that use suitepath
  • Line of code for failed expectation is now also shown for unit tests owned by other users
  • Line no of failed test is now properly reported when using
  • Annotation parameter list can now have spaces before/after brackets
  • Warnings in documentation reporter are now properly numbered
  • Documentation reporter is now providing a timing information for each test
  • by xUnit reporter now displays name of the package/procedure if suite/test has no description
  • Fixed errors with multi-byte characters in conversion from/to clob

Last update: October 11, 2022 07:39:36
Created: July 18, 2017 19:45:59