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Changes in this release

New features

  • Added ability to exclude columns/attributes for cursor/object/collection comparison. Xpath can be used for column/attribute exclusion
  • Added reporting to module, action, client_info fields of the v$session.
  • Calling procedures can now raise exception if any test failed
  • Added ability to check version compatibility ut_runner.version_compatibility_check

Improvements and fixes

  • Fixed bug with framework executing multiple packages with similar names when using suitepaths
  • Cursor comparison now supports cursors on Global Temporary Table
  • Increased allowed chars for annotation name to 250
  • Cursor comparison now supports cursors with more than 1000 rows
  • dba_ views are now used (if available), increasing performance of the framework
  • Changed how version number reporting in functions ut_runner.version, ut_run.version
  • Improved warning message when implicit commit occurs
  • Fixed Sonar Unit Test reporting for test suites with suitepth
  • Fixed problem with identifying annotations when windows newline is used in package sources

Documentation fixes

  • Moved to project root and updated content
  • Fixed coverage format documentation
  • Small documentation fixes

Internal improvements

  • Added self-testing using released version of utPLSQL
  • Sonar reporting disabled for PRs
  • Moved to project-owned Docker images created by scripts from utPLSQL/docker-scripts project
  • Added source_path and test_path parameters for coverage reporters
  • Changed the way ut_file_mapper handles default parameters
  • Improved performance and stability of access to internal framework tables
  • Updated myStats library to v3
  • ut_output_buffer is now abstracted from caller

Last update: October 11, 2022 07:39:36
Created: August 30, 2017 07:23:58