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Changes in release 3.1.10


  • utPLSQL test runner is now validating arguments of --%throws annotations at runtime #721 #1033
  • Documented limitations of insignificant spaces comparison in compound data #880
  • utPLSQL will now detect empty annotation cache for schema even with DLL trigger enabled #975
  • Order of procedures and annotation now determines default order of tests in suite #1036

Bug fixes

  • Nested contexts are now properly identified #1034
  • TeamCity test reporter is now including error message #1045

Internal improvements

  • All self-tests for utPLSQL framework can now be executed using test-owner schema #969
  • Misleading rollback warning is no longer showing when running self-tests for utPLSQL #982


Download v3.1.10 release version here

Last update: October 11, 2022 07:39:36
Created: February 23, 2020 16:43:28