sqlcl integration for utPLSQL

Today at #apexConn19.

Sam Nitsche (blogger, presenter, testing & compassionate-coding advocate, utPLSQL-cli & utPLSQL-api developer) met with Kris Rice (Oracle SQLDeveloper, sqlcl, ORDS rock-star, developer, advocate, presenter, mentor)

As a result, something amazing happened. Within an hour or so, Kris created a fully functional auto-runner for utPLSQL tests within Oracle sqlcl.


See for yourself

If you want to use sqlcl to run your tests, each time you compile a package, have a look at this script for sqlcl.

Huge thank you to Kris and Sam!

Amazing things can happen when right people meet at right time in right place.

Last update: October 11, 2022 07:39:36
Created: May 9, 2019 22:33:51